The Kid Grows Up

John Morrow, Dickinson College Class of

Our nephew, John Morrow, a political science major, graduated with the Dickinson College Class of 2017 last weekend.

This is the kid who was delighted when, as a toddler, I'd hold him upside down by the ankles; who once mused, as a small child as we were passing Jockey's Ridge (a giant sand dune on the North Carolina Outer Banks) that, one day, "we must shovel that;" who explored with his dad and me the sites of legendary baseball parks in the NY-NJ metro area; and who did me the stunning honor of mentioning me in his college admissions essay and saying that he'd learned about so much more than baseball from those trips and hoped to apply the same learning methods in college and beyond.

Here's what he said in that essay in 2012:

"When we went looking for old baseball locations we found urban history, learned about the benefits of redevelopment and preservation and we encountered people I would never have met anywhere else. Uncle Willie embraces learning that way and I hope to do the same for the rest of my life."

Congratulations, John, and well done.

And here are links to posts about those visits to old ballpark sites: Ebbets Field, Polo GroundsRoosevelt Stadium, and Hinchliffe Stadium. (Photo by Jane Morrow)