UVa 16, UNC 3 (dammit)

To my niece Patty at the University of Virginia

Dear Patty:

Here’s the photo of me wearing a UVa T-shirt to pay off the bet we made a couple weeks ago during the trip to Richmond. I have a bag over my head because I was frankly embarrassed by the Tar Heels’ performance yesterday, or, rather, their lack of performance.

I don’t know who the geniuses were that ranked UNC in the Top 25 at the start of the season, but they clearly don’t know beans about football. Carolina did win their first three games, but they weren’t exactly playing powerhouses – The Citadel, Connecticut, and ECU. And when the real season starts, they lose to Georgia Tech and then UVa.

So I think the Tar Heels were very overrated. They can’t even beat a team that lost to William & Mary, for chrissakes.

Oh well, basketball practice starts in a few weeks.

Hope to see you soon,

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